The company


    Brevetti Balzani is specialized in the manufacturing of machines for the circulation and treatment of highly corrosive fluids: centrifugal pumps and valves and rubber-coated fans.

    The company was founded in the 50s and since then we developed products of the highest quality on our patents: we are an artisan company and all our production is customized according to customers’ needs.

    We have selected the best and suitable materials for each application and we are able to offer a wide and complete range of products, all tested in our test-lab to ensure the best performance: the long-life of our pumps, valves and fans is guaranteed by the thickness used in the casings, in the impellers (melting if in AISI 316L or URANUS B6; welded under-vacuum if in Titanium). Moreover, assembly and disassembly operations are simplified to ensure an easy maintenance.

    Brevetti Balzani products are suitable and specific for factories treating heavy chemicals, for pharmaceutical factories, for electrochemical factories, for metallurgical industries as well as for desalination plants, for water treatment plants, for textile mills, tanneries, paper mills, sugar-refineries, alimentary factories, etc. and, in general, for all industries working with highly corrosive liquids, abrasive and also very dirty liquids (such as brine, sulfuric acid at any given concentration, caustic soda, sodium hypoclorite, ferric chloride).

    Our society is active both in Italy and both abroad (Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Turckey).


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