Centrifugal pumps

    These machines are single open impeller pumps and are well suited in plants working with agressive liquids, that can be also very dirty and with abrasives in suspension (e.g.: hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid at any given concentration, bleach or solutions containing sodium hypochlorite at higher concentrations, brine, solutions of caustic soda, ferric chloride or, in general, solutions of chlorides and sulphates, sludge or lime slurry).

    Main features

    Typology Single-stage; Open impeller; Mechanical or gland seal
    Pump shaft Horizontal
    Application Dry running must be avoided. The pump needs 1 mt.l.c. (positive suction head) or must be used a suitable priming tank.
    Sections (in/out) Inner diameters from 26 to 75 mm
    Electric motors Three phase IEC - B3/B5 shape; IP55 protection; 2/4 poles; 230/400V; 50/60 Hz; Explosion-proof if ATEX.
    Conformity Declaration CE standard; ATEX for special construction.

    Our standard production covers the range of use highlighted in the characteristic curves shown in the graphs below and that are sorted (for a first choice) according to the installed power:

     - Low Power (from 0,75 to 11 kW)

     - High Power (from 7,5 to 45 kW)

    Characteristic curve low power (2P; 50Hz; water)
    Characteristic curve high power (2P; 50Hz; water)

    The curves above are the result of lab tests with water at room temperature (20°C) - [mt.l.c.]= meters of liquid column.

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